mt Dr. Merlin Thomas
Professor & Head,
Dept of Industrial Chemistry

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M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry is a 4 semester programme conducted by Sardar Patel University since 1990.The syllabus of the course is a fine blend of Chemical engineering, applied chemistry and traditional chemistry which fulfills all the area of any chemical industry. Viz. production, QC, QA, method development and R&D.

The department evaluates the students by continuous assessment through classroom test, quizzes, home assignments and external examinations.

Mini research project is a part of the curriculum which sows and nurture research methodology in the students and sharpens their analytical skills.

A six weeks in plant training after the completion of the second semester is a pre requisite for admission to the third semester.

In The News

The Industrial Chemistry Departments of ISTAR and Department of Chemistry, Sam Higginbotham University of Agriculture Technology & Science, Allahabad are jointly organizing a National Seminar on ‘Advancements in Chemical technology – A green perspective’ on 20th January, 2018.

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